E Sports Wagering Platform Unikrn Breaks the Mold

Published Sunday, November 22, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
E Sports Wagering Platform Unikrn Breaks the Mold

Not that many old school gamblers have heard of e Sports but for the younger set it has become the biggest game on town. E sports betting is a gamble on the massive attention being paid to video gaming and its intensely competitive nature.  Seattle Washington State e-sports start up Unikrn is venturing into  some interesting new frontiers with regards to the e sports betting industry.

Founded by Rahul Sood and Karl Flores, Unikrn provides  e,Sports fans and novices a safe and legal place to game, and bet on e Sports.  Games such as  League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and more, are available to wager on at Unikrn. Financing for the firm has gone well with the likes of television celebrity Mark Cuban, actor Ashton Kutcher and entrepreneur Guy Oseary putting some serious coin into the startup.

Unikrn works on either mobile or desktop, and it operates only in jurisdictions where betting on e sports is legal. ESPN said that  27 million people tuned in to watch the 2014 finals of the League of Legends World Championship which is more than watched the final game of the World Series or the NBA Finals.

Now the company has gone even farther by bringing together an all-female crew for its first competitive video-gaming team. The five women are from across Europe, compete in “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

The bold move has a good amount of reasoning in its strategy. Video gambling, is an area dominated by men typically hidden with the net’s shield of anonymity and has a reputation as a hostile place for women. Some casual players refrain from identifying themselves as women while playing  online games.

Rahul Sood, Unikrn’s chief executive officer commented, “If you’ve ever played a game online and seen some of the chatter that goes on, it can be horrible,” adding “We wanted to create opportunities for women in gambling.”



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