Corrupt Thailand Military Police Exposed During Gambling Raid

Published Tuesday, December 15, 2015 -
Corrupt Thailand Military Police Exposed During Gambling Raid

The Royal Thai Police are the national police force of Thailand. The RTP employs between 230,000 and 250,000 officers. A subdivision of the Ministry of Interior the Thailand police and military are under investigation after raids on illegal gambling dens which exposed connections between officers and gambling operators. Chief Ombudsman for Thailand,Panit Nitithanprapas noted that her office had handled nearly 25,000 cases and observed that the Royal Thai Police had been found to be "the most corrupt agency in Thailand".
Recently police raided an illegal casino in Chalong district on the island of Phuket after receiving a tip that gambling was being conducted nearby. These actions included slot machines and a three-dice game called ‘High-Low’happening in private residence.
The informant said the gambling was going on apparently “with no apparent fear of the law.”  A number of government officers were among the estimated 40 people arrested on the premises out of the one hundred or so participants.  
During the raid Col Sompop Kamkana alegedly received a phone call from an Army colonel who ordered  Kamkana to release the detainies and not report the incident. Sompop declined to publicly identify the Army colonel and refused to take the order seriously. Sompop has alerted Phuket’s governor about the call after being threatened with transfer out of Phuket by the colonel.
Casinos online or otherwise are illegal in Thailand despite concerted efforts by law enforcement officials and political leaders to legalize gambling  activities and garner the revenue much needed in the country from punters who currently play at gaming operators in neighbouring Cambodia. Corruption comes in many forms and with so many military police it is bound to occur frequently.


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