Technology Is The Future For Online Gambling

Published Friday, January 01, 2016 -
Technology Is The Future For Online Gambling

The year 2015 didn’t fare well on that score looking back at the scandals like the Olympics etc. Well the best part of the year was not the weather but the US Department of Justice has a lot on its plate what with daily fantasy sports, e sport betting and other internet related gaming issues. There are good things on the horizon for online gambling that technology will bring and keep the integrity intact.

Many of the predictions for 2016 for the international online gambling industry are easily understood as plain old good business practices.  There’s nothing really new about consolidation and the expanding global gambling market is in synch with the expanding availability of smart phone technologies.

The latest generation will not only be more techno savvy but also willing to speculate by the use of fast resources. E sports betting will surge ad it will be an interesting story to follow once the big gaming operators get involved. It has been suggested that along with the virtual sports betting there will be an expansion in the use of cyber currencies such as Bitcoin.

Technology and the trend towards a more enhanced experience will drive a portion of the online betting market with so called augmented reality investment. Research and target marketing has become a normal practice and the more mobile the consumer becomes the more there will be need for innovative products. The year ahead is sure to have twists and turns especially in the Latin American section where the youthful and passionate market has yet to be tapped. The America Federal government is still going to have trouble focusing on online gambling issues during the election year of 2016. In Europe there are other issues that will hinder the expansion of online casinos such as rising taxes and licensing fees. The industry will unfold the way it should just another year and another game or two.


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