Online Gambling The Future Is Mobile

Published Friday, February 19, 2016 -
Online Gambling The Future Is Mobile

It is a fact that the open internet has become an application driven entity that is eliminating the idea of net neutrality. Mobile online gambling is the trend making news today with the exponential growth of smart phones and tablet devices. Technology has advanced the interest in online gambling by taking it out of the static desktop environment and making the experience portable and convenient. The numbers are suggesting this growing trend shows no signs of abating. In 2011 only 7% of all online gaming was accessed via mobile devices and by 2013, that number had gone up to 17.4%.

The convenience factor is enhanced by the wide scope of broadband availability that gives the gambler opportunities during the commute to work or while waiting in the line for a coffee. It has been suggested that there is a limit to the growth potential of mobile online gambling with restrictions imposed by regulatory bodies in various jurisdictions. In the USA gambling online is severely restricted and growth in that lucrative market will depend on the law makers that want to see online gambling legalized and liberated. In Europe, the UK, and Asia finding a fully developed mobile online gambling site or casino is relatively easy. Different software and platforms are also limiting factors for the growth potential of mobile online gambling. Applications for online gambling are available for Android, Apple, Windows and others at the various stores or links are available from the actual gaming site location which once registered with the particular site will offer the specific app for the games requested.

Players can register, deposit and withdraw funds, collect bonuses and there may be an option to pay directly using the users' mobile phone account. The technology is advancing allowing more content to flow on the small screens that have grown from the tiny cell phones of yesterday to the tablet and larger smart phone screens of today.




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