Regulated Skill Games Online Gambling In India's Nagaland

Published Monday, March 28, 2016 -
Regulated Skill Games Online Gambling In India's Nagaland

Match fixing is an ongoing issue in jurisdictions such as India and one solution put forth a number of times has been the regulation of the gambling market. The legislation required has not gained much traction over the years but as was announced recently the state of Nagaland a mountainous state in northeast India, bordering Myanmar has changed the rules.

The Swarajya Magazine publication revealed that the legislative assembly of Nagaland has passed the Nagaland Prohibition of Gambling and Promotion of Online Games of Skill Bill 2015. This is the first legislation in India to take on the issue of games of skill.  The legislation may provide a path to regulated online poker, rummy, fantasy sports and other skill based game websites. The bill was introduced in 2015, and states that “games of skill can be played for real money and a profit or gain can be derived from it” as long as a license is obtained from the state government.

Nagaland which is a remote jurisdiction sends a clarified message about the legality of real-money, skill-based websites. Other states in India allow the participation in online skill based games for real money except in Assam and Odisha with the activity based on “judicial precedents and statistical evidence.”

According to The Morung Express reported the opposition the Civil Rights Group Against Corruption and Unabated Taxation expressed their concerns   “The precedence given and the urgency with which the gaming bill was passed gives rise to the picture that the entire Nagaland Legislative Assembly was hijacked by a Parliamentary Secretary representing the interest of an outside gaming company,”

As usual the lawmakers are in for a difficult time convincing the public that allowing licensed websites to offer services to any location outside of Nagaland where games of skill are not prohibited, and also permitting potential license holders to set up outside the state boundaries is a good idea.


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