Possible Sale of Danske Spil Online Gambling Enterprise

Published Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Possible Sale of Danske Spil Online Gambling Enterprise

Denmark liberalized its online gambling market a few years ago with the aim of creating a safe and secure online betting environment for the citizens of the country. The success of the newly regulated platform has been positive and shows signs of further growth. It was reported in the third quarter of 2015 that the country’s casino GGR rose by as much as 25 percent.

Recently it was announced that the Danish government is looking at the possible sale of the state-owned Danske Spil gambling enterprise with feedback on the proposal coming from opposition members saying the sale is not a good financial decision based on the most recent stats.

While the intention is to keep Danske Spil’s lottery business within the states control other online gambling operations, including poker and casino games may be on the block. Politicians in opposition have been critical of the proposed sale of the government betting operation, saying that short-term gains do not outweigh the steady stream of annual income the state would be losing.

Danish business media outlet Borsen reported that Brian Mikkelsen, deputy chairman of the Conservative parliamentary group said selling Danske Spil’s gambling operation would be as easy as ‘snapping one’s fingers’ with Mikkelsen suggesting the sale could be finalized within one year.

The complete monopoly that Danske Spil held on gambling in Denmark was upset in 2012 when the liberalized regulated online betting market was opened and the international operators were allowed to offer gambling products to patrons in Denmark. The success of the open market and the way it was accomplished is held as a model for other jurisdictions in Europe and Scandinavia. Critics have been vocal stating that putting Danske Spil into private hands could lead to a change in the philosophy at Danske Spil including changes to the limits for bettors as well as other negative results.






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