Betfect A New Social Online Sports Betting Platform

Published Sunday, May 29, 2016 -
Betfect A New Social Online Sports Betting Platform

Social online gambling has been slow to evolve in the competitive betting for real money world manly due to a the complicated method required to stay in touch and wager cash. A new idea has come to the web that helps make the process fun and easy. is an innovative social betting network, where punters can place, share and copy wagers with the social community plus compare odds from multiple bookmakers.

Founded in September of 2014 and based in London England, Betfect is a social betting website that was designed to enhance the sports wagering experience. This concept removes the need of using third party networks and creates an integrated community of betting fans. Ladbrokes was the first major online gambling operator to integrate its application program interface with Betfect in October of 2015 when the firm was still in beta mode. The recent announcement that William Hill another big online gambling services provider from the U.K. will also be joining the platform Betfect has created comes as good news for the community of social sports betting fans.

Competition is exciting and Betfect offers a leaderboard that tracks the members who wager more successfully. Prizes including free bets and sporting event tickets are also available with friendly competitions among players on the platform.  Betfect offers players the complete game plan with new account registration comparable prices, deposits, withdrawals and sports betting employing just one platform.

Giacomo Alpago, Betfect’s young founder said Betfect hoped to “do for the betting industry what eToro is doing for the financial trading markets.” Betfect is currently working on the release its first iOS and Android apps.

William Hills’ Head of product innovation, Alex Rutherford, called “a great idea” and commented that the firm was keen to support start ups that sought to, “increase the level of engagement amongst our customers and to bring new ideas to market.”



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