Australia's eSports Betting Ban Made Stronger

Published Tuesday, August 09, 2016 -
Australia's eSports Betting Ban Made Stronger

Australia is undergoing a revamp of its online gambling laws which includes the newest trend in betting over the internet, eSport gaming.

The Nick Xenophon Team founded by Nick Xenophon in 2014 now has a small percentage in the new government in Australia.  Xenophon is a centralist and an advocate of stronger laws on the gambling industry in the country. The independent has made a name for himself as a champion of change for gambling laws. His NXT party made its national debut at last month’s Australian 2016 federal election.

The NXT Leader Nick Xenophon stated almost immediately after the 2016 federal election that the three main issues were manufacturing, gambling and farming. He said, "There is a lot of work to do in terms of issues that are facing not just South Australia but the nation — our manufacturing industry, our farming sector, issues of predatory gambling".

Changes were eminent and the first was a South Australian tax on internet gambling which was the first attempt in any Australian jurisdiction to tax bets where they are made and not where online gambling service providers are located, taking 15% off net wagering revenue. The MP has said that it was time to crack down on the gambling elements of video games that attract children. The independent Senator has called for the “Wild West of gambling” to be stamped out. “Instead of shooting avatars, parents soon find out that [their children] have shot huge holes through their bank accounts,” he maintains.

Most Australian online bookies offer markets on the next big eSports contest many of which are growing into massive events attracting thousands of spectators to view the professional level playing of certain games such as Counter Strike a series of multiplayer first-person shooter video games. The South Australian government has advised the Independent Gambling Authority to refuse gambling on eSports live events in order to stop “young gamblers” from developing problems.


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