Online Casino Slots See Massive Increase in 2015

Published Wednesday, August 31, 2016 -
Online Casino Slots See Massive Increase in 2015

Canadian provincial gambling corporations have been slowly but aggressively offering a variety of casino games online. The introduction of online casinos seems to be taking off in the province of Ontario with a marked increase in the use of online slot games.

A recent article posted in the Thunder Bay NetNewsLedger has revealed that there has been an incredible increase of 87% in 2015 in the use of online casino slot games. It has been suggested that the increase in the use of smart phones in Canada and the government efforts to provide more broadband coverage in rural areas has had an effect on the online slots industry. Canada is a place of vast space and sometimes terrible weather conditions with long winters and snow the punter in the Great White North can finally scratch the wagering itch without leaving home.

There are thousands of slot titles in every possible genre enticing the everyday person to play. Slot games online are as popular as the slot machines in the terrestrial casinos attracting the majority of gamers who are searching for lady luck. Progressive slot games are a big attraction for the online slot player and when these mega dollar connected games pay off, the reward is substantial. The internet provides so much choice for the online slot gambler. The offerings are enhanced by many of the online casino operators with bonus sign up rewards and other prizes but beware to read the fine print when accepting the conditions.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming unfortunately does compete that well with the international online casino slot providers. OLG’s slot game offerings are limited to less than 50 and their table games will only give you 9 choices of different games to play. The failure of the millennial demographic to be interested in online slot games has created some concern among marketers who speculate they will eventually notice the niche.

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