Online Gambling & Crime by Dr. James Banks

Published Friday, September 30, 2016 -
Online Gambling & Crime by Dr. James Banks

Gambling in general does have a certain mystery and glamour about it but online gambling not so much. Because gambling in a terrestrial casino requires being clothed at least in some fashion but with an online casino it is play as you are nothing fancy required. Having an expensive and powerful tablet smart phone or lap top is great but it so doesn’t matter when it comes to bragging rights and showing the world you’re proud of your tech prowess. The glamorous part of online gambling happens occasionally if it is carried on in a social atmosphere around a big screen television.

Now the mystery and interesting aspect of internet betting is on the other hand something that is having films made about it and there are books both academic and fictional that deal with crime and conspiracy.

One publication published originally by Ashgate Publishing in 2014 now reprinted by Routledge Taylor and Francis Group is the James Banks book Online Gambling and Crime: Causes, Controls and Controversies.  Dr James Banks PhD, PGCHE, MA, BA is the Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the Sheffield Hallam University in the U.K. The book is an interesting insight into the relationship between online gambling and crime. The read is built on contemporary criminological theories and goes on to develop how online gambling is an arena in which each individual makes their way through the process with trepidation that there could be a possibility of becoming a victim.

Online Gambling and Crime talks about criminal law and regulatory frameworks and how they have evolved from early experience and present day activities. It is a rich examination of the prevalence, incidence and development of a range of criminal activities linked to gambling on the Internet. The book will appeal to scholars, policy makers in the fields of sociology and criminology, law, the study of culture and subculture, risk, health studies and social policy and maybe even some producer in America.



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