eSports and Real Sports FIFA Make Online Connection

Published Wednesday, October 26, 2016 -
eSports and Real Sports FIFA Make Online Connection

Sports betting online is amazingly successful. The reasons are many but when the internet and gambling came together the quantity of accessible sports events to place a wager on increased exponentially. One advantage the online punter of sports has is data and real time data can make or break the thrill of a win. Online gaming is crossing the line between real sport and eSport in Europe. The French professional football league, Ligue 1, has partnered with EA Sports to create a digital league identical to the same 20 teams.

Founded in 1991 video game developer EA Sports will create an eLeague based on the FIFA franchise and branding. This is the first time a professional football league has connected with a digital game developer. The concept of how it will all work has yet to be refined although it has been suggested the e-Ligue will be composed of a three-phase season system in order to find a winner.

The completion is sure to attract a lot of young people which are most interested in the eSports world and eSports athletes as they are called. It has been said that the reflexes and hand eye coordination and stamina required to be an eSport athlete is equal to that of pro baseball players.  The players will be chosen from the two camps one of the players being a PlayStation 4 expert and the other a proponent of Xbox One.

Paris St Germain the champions of the Ligue 1 Football organization has just acquired League of Legends (LOL) side HUMA and become part of the eSports industry forming quickly. The idea is very interesting and the monetization is just beginning to find acceptance in the regulated online sports wagering industry. Each Ligue 1 side will contract two eSports athletes that specialise in the FIFA franchise to represent them in the new e-Ligue.



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