Coral Online Gambling Offers Player Based Betting

Published Monday, October 31, 2016 -
Coral Online Gambling Offers Player Based Betting

In the online gambling industry new and unique products are always being created by the digital geniuses in charge. The union of two types of betting exchange betting and daily fantasy sports has been created by Coral the bookmaker from the United Kingdom.

This completely unique betting product has been recently launched in an attempt to capture a previously untapped element in the online betting market. Digital Sports Tech has developed the player prop bets solution called “Player Bets” which lets punters to customize their betting on player’s stats across a variety of different sports such as basketball, rugby, US Football and European Football action. Consumers of the new product can combine performance betting on one or two players in a single match and how they interact during play.  

Head-to-head betting is also available and while the player generates the concept for the bet, the system will automatically generate the odds related to it.  There are a huge number of variables and combinations to bet on with the new offering giving punters as many as 1.3 million unique markets on a single day of English Premier League soccer matches and over 2.3 million markets for a single American National Football League weekend game.   

Digital Sports Tech Executive Director Ari Lewski explained the new product designed for Coral,   “Player based betting is an untapped and therefore major growth area for the industry. There is huge demand for player related betting opportunities from punters, which you could argue has evolved from the growing popularity of fantasy sports.” Lewski continued, “Giving users the power to create and personalize their own player bets will change the actual experience of betting for many fans and will also provide them with a far deeper level of engagement with the sport.” The launch of unique products such as this keeps the online gambling industry on its toes and waiting to see what the next new product will be.





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