Huge Online Gambling Upset as Trump Wins US Election

Published Wednesday, November 09, 2016 -
Huge Online Gambling Upset as Trump Wins US Election

The word on the street regarding the recent US presidential election is shock. The results in America have called into question the underlying accuracy of polls and how they got this particular very important election wrong. Those gamblers who put their money on Trump are counting the win as a big boon just as those who bet on the referendum outcome upset were pleasantly surprised.

It was a tough go for online bookies that paid out prior to the American vote that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton were sure to take over the White House in Washington DC. Irish icon online gambling operator Paddy Power lost a reported €3 million US$ 3.33 million loss after voters elected businessman Donald Trump. Paddy Power also lost big on the Brexit dramatic call that will see Britain leave the European Union.

Paddy Power spokesperson Féilim Mac An Iomaire commented to the The Independent news source that this upset was similar to the Brexit misstep. He said, “You could say it’s deja vu again,” adding,  “Much like Brexit, it looked to be following the odds early on before a dramatic turnaround.”

Paddy Power was so sure about the polls that led everyone to believe Clinton would win the Presidency the company paid out around $1 million USD to punters who had bet on the Democrats.  Bettors in the U.K. were expected to spend over $180 on the US election results more than any other betting opportunity in the U.K.

The online gambling odds fluctuated wildly during the final hours leading up the vote with Clinton still listed as the favourite until the bookies closed their shops. The £200,000 bet on a Trump win was made on online betting site Spreadex in the U.K. creating speculation there would be a serious upset coming. Other online gamblers put just as much money on a Clinton win.


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