UKGC Issues Warning About Underage Online Gambling

Published Thursday, December 01, 2016 -
UKGC Issues Warning About Underage Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is doing everything it can to improve the security and safety of the pastime. The problem with the present situation regarding underage use of online gambling websites is the lack of parental guidance and internet discipline. The recent report issued by the UK Gambling Commission was a warning revealing that approximately 450,000 children are gambling in England and Wales every week. The ‘Young People and Gambling Report’ also revealed that as many as 9,000 children are likely to be real problem gamblers.

The report coincides with the UK Gambling Commission other posting that online gambling now accounts for 33% of all betting and gaming in the UK. Access to the internet and all of its dangers has grown over the past decade making youth more vulnerable than ever to the temptations of gambling. The industry is attempting to appeal to the younger demographic with James Green, programme director at the UKGC, stating, “Our latest statistics show that with the growth in online gambling the industry is increasingly taking a creative approach to using technology to engage consumers.” “As the online sector grows operators will also need to demonstrate that they are taking an equally innovative approach to ensuring gambling is safe for all online consumers.”

The overall gambling rate in the 11 to 15-year-old sector is about 16%, compared to 5% of youth the same age who smoked, 8% or drank alcohol in the week prior to the survey and 6% who have taken drugs in the recent month. Executive director of the UKGC, Tim Miller, said, “We want to reassure parents that our rules require gambling businesses to prevent and tackle underage gambling and we take firm action where young people are not properly protected.  “But we would encourage parents to speak to their children about the risks associated with gambling, so that if they choose to gamble in adulthood, they will do so in a safe and responsible way.”





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