CES Las Vegas Enhancing the Online Casino Experience

Published Friday, January 06, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
CES Las Vegas Enhancing the Online Casino Experience


The technology involved in online gambling is enormous but the latest tech show and exposition in Las Vegas this year hasn’t presented anything earth shattering in the sector. Aside from display upgrades in almost all formats from smart phones to laptops to televisions there is little that has been expanded upon. Yes there are interesting new approaches to the gaming experience with regards to the sound quality on earphones and laptops and VR is there too. The visual representation of LG's nano cell display is amazing, while the 216 screen setup makes it seem like the sky is caving in on you it may be an interesting enhanced experience for the online casino participant. Applying another interesting innovation presented at this year’s CES are the headphones that block out the noisy world and if you want to let a few voices in it can be arranged.  The Stages Hero are a set of noise-canceling headphones which includes a circular microphone that lets you choose a specific direction from which to hear ambient sound. An item like this could let you concentrate on your gambling while still being tuned into the surroundings you require to stay actively involved.

Another unusual concept piece by Razer is Project Ariana, a high-concept projector that's designed to complement, not replace, your main display.

The product combines an ultra-wide 155-degree fish-eye lens and a pair of 3D-sensing cameras to "paint" some combination of in-game footage, related images (like weather effects) and colored lights, via Razer's Chroma lighting system, all in an effort to augment the onscreen game experience and make it feel all-enveloping. Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said in a press release about this product, "Project Ariana is a concept design that showcases the power and potential of the Razer Chroma platform in the pre-VR world in bridging the gap between gamers and games,"

VR will define the online gambling enhanced experience in the coming months as technology moves the concept closer to a reality.



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