TwoPlusTwo Online Poker Forum Hacked

Published Tuesday, January 10, 2017 -
TwoPlusTwo Online Poker Forum Hacked

Hackers are a big time problem on the internet today with trust of the net being eroded with each incident. No matter how small a hack can cause difficult times for the victim whether that’s an individual or a big company. The international news is filled with espionage stories that concern hacks of sensitive information and secrets plus the person data of thousands of people. Most online gamblers are aware of the precautions online casinos, sports books and card rooms take to stay cyber safe because gambling service providers are targets of the misguided hacker community.

A recent post online by Lee Davy has revealed that the largest poker player’s forum in the world has been hacked. The TwoPlusTwo web domain was confirmed hacked with over 400,000 members personal data lost, and surprisingly the potential to decode passwords. Forum administrators sent an email to all of its members alarming them of the security violation which was discovered on Sunday, the 8th of January.

UK poker professional, Max Silver got wind of a fraudsters attempt to sell the stolen data base which included usernames, email IP addresses, , birthday, last login date, registration date and password hashtag. Silver immediately contacted TwoPlusTwo controllers to try to mitigate the potential harm caused by such a large information breach.

Mat Sklansky the administrator for the TwoPlusTwo forum, did reveal that the most recent hack is under investigation and they will provide more information as it becomes available. The TwoPlusTwo online poker forum experienced another security breach back in April of 2012, and was forced to close the site down after a similar break down of its fire walls caused massive damage to the trust forum users placed in it.  Even the largest online gambling firms in the world fear being held for ransom by thieves who use various technical methods to skirt the virtual casino’s formidable online virus and hacker defence systems.


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