Tennis Integrity Unit Flagging Suspicious Online Gambling

Published Tuesday, January 17, 2017 -
Tennis Integrity Unit Flagging Suspicious Online Gambling

In the sports betting world there are many accusations that purport that there is corruption in sports organizations taking away the integrity of players and the games.

Tennis has been under intense scrutiny for some time and recently, the current Australian Open junior champion Oliver Anderson found himself charged with match-fixing. Anderson and three other Australian players of low rank also faced suspension highlighting the deep state of the corruption evident in the sport of tennis.

Figures indicate that the corruption alerts increased from 14 in 2012 to 292 in 2016. There is also evidence of huge increases in online gambling during important tennis matches. It has been suggested that the turnover for gambling on tennis is around US$1trillion per year. The rewards for players who take part in the process is much more than what one would think. Temptations for lower-ranked professionals is great with players below the top 200  unlikely to earn much more than £40,000 in prize money per season before coaching, travel and hotel costs become part of the equation.

BBC tennis correspondent Russell Fuller explains, "The Tennis Integrity Unit has a full-time staff of just five and relies on intelligence from players and betting companies to alert them to potential corruption. They have a presence at between 20 and 30 tournaments a year, and their investigations over the past two years have resulted in seven players and one official being banned for between six months and a lifetime.”

Chris Kermode, head of the Association of Tennis Professionals, rejected any claims that evidence of match-fixing had "been suppressed for any reason or isn't being thoroughly investigated". Kermode also told the BBC he is aware there is match-fixing within tennis but says it is at an 'incredibly small level'.

The European Sports Security Association, which monitors betting for leading bookmakers, flagged more than 50 suspicious matches to the Tennis Integrity Unit in 2015.The organisation has said that the sport of tennis attracts more suspicious gambling activity than any other sport.






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