NRL Still Confident in Sports Betting Industry

Published Saturday, March 11, 2017 -
NRL Still Confident in Sports Betting Industry

In most successful business the potential is realized by forming partnerships with experts in the field. The internet betting industry depends on cooperation and affiliates to maintain momentum and traction. Supporting sports teams and sporting events has been something that online gambling operators have taken seriously creating a respectable image for the industry through advertizing. The clean image projected by online sports betting operators is being defended by Australia’s top rugby league competition the National Rugby League.  The league’s official betting partner Sportsbet signed an AUS$60 million ($46 million / €44 million) deal with the NRL in 2016 revealing the terms of the deal, the NRL receives a percentage of turnover from the operator.  

The recent match-fixing scandal initiated by New South Wales police claims Wests Tigers centre Tim Simona illegally placed bets on NRL games last year.

An argument that has been used before is voiced by Todd Greenberg, the NRL’s chief executive, who said integrity in sports can best be done by liaising with the betting industry. During an interview with ABC News 24 Greenberg said, "There is a really strong balance here," adding, "I made some strong comments last year you'll remember about anyone involved in match-fixing or gambling inside the game against the rules will face life bans and I stand by that because that really cuts to the absolute core of the integrity of the sport. For you and I to turn up every week to watch that contest, we need to know that's pure. Anyone who gets in the way of that will absolutely not be welcome back.

"But we do have to find a balance because people, particularly in this country, they love to have a bet. And we're not going to get away from that. So whether or not we have branding or not, people are still going to be looking to have a wager on the game.”


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