Charges In Florida's Internet Cafe Fraud Case Dropped

Published Saturday, March 18, 2017 -
Charges In Florida's Internet Cafe Fraud Case Dropped

The legal situation regarding online gambling has been difficult to understand in the USA because of the numerous jurisdictions with different laws. In the state of Florida online gambling is not regulated so it is not illegal to participate in gambling activities offered on the internet. There are laws written in the state of Florida that make online gambling illegal but Florida does not monitor, regulate, or run internet gambling sites.

 A recent post referring to a case in Florida where the authorities are dropping charges against an attorney who was accused of being the kingpin of a $300 million gambling ring has interesting repercussions. The case led to the 2013 resignation of Florida’s Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll after Jacksonville attorney Kelly Mathis was convicted of 103 counts of racketeering, possessing slot machines and other charges. He was sentenced to six years in prison then the appeals court last year ruled that Mathis deserved a new trial. The Florida Supreme Court in February declined to take up the case resulting in Florida having to begin a new trial or drop all of the charges.

Statewide Prosecutor Nicholas Cox released a statement that it was time for Florida’s authorities to direct their attention elsewhere. Cox said, "current priorities are fighting synthetic drugs, illegal opioids, human trafficking and gang violence. I feel that we should focus our resources on these priorities for the best interest in the state of Florida."

Attorney General Pam Bondi alleged four years ago that Mathis was very much involved with an organization called Allied Veterans of the World that ran what were known as internet cafes which operated in a legal gray area in Florida. Investigators said the charity was a fraud although Mathis actually thought the cafes were legal under Florida gambling laws. Heads rolled new laws were made and justice has been served.



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