Legal Sports Betting Under Attack In USA

Published Friday, March 31, 2017 -
Legal Sports Betting Under Attack In USA

Sports betting whether online or off in the USA is legally limited to Nevada and possibly Delaware Oregon and Montana. New Jersey has been fighting the restriction but has made no real progress in the legal situation in that state.  A poll conducted in 2011 revealed that among other varied opinions just over half of New Jersey voters said that they approved of the idea to legalizing sports betting at Atlantic City casinos and racetracks, while 31% opposed the concept.

There have been scandals involving sports betting in the past in the USA which included tennis baseball and football which has led to the major leagues such as the National Football League and Major League Baseball being opposed to legal wagering on sports. The opposition is based on maintaining the integrity of sports competitions in America. The issue of legal sports betting still comes up usually after big events such as the Super Bowl when massive amounts of gambling happens much of it done illegally.

The commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, has once again stated that the league is “strongly” against the legalisation of sports betting across the USA.  Other jurisdictions in America including New Jersey, New York, Michigan and South Carolina have launched measures to change what some politicians consider unfair sports betting laws.

Goodell wants the status quo regulations to remain in place maintaining that a more inclusive wagering field would harm the NFL reputaion and integrity.

Goodell was quoted by the press recently in Phoenix, Arizona, “I think we still strongly oppose legalised sports gambling,” Goodell added, “The integrity of our game is No.1; we will not compromise on that.

“That is a major risk for us; I think we have to make sure that we continue to stay focused on making sure that everyone has full confidence that what you see on the field is not influenced by any outside factors.”




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