Paulinho Caught Promoting Illegal Online Betting in China

Published Thursday, April 13, 2017 -
Paulinho Caught Promoting Illegal Online Betting in China

The online gambling industry is risky business in China where it is strictly forbidden along with other activities people participate in. The rules are the rules there and the Chinese government has been assuring its population that the country is free of the vulgar influence of the internet and all it provides access too.The internet however does invade and make its way too many Chinese citizens who run the risk of penalties and hardship.

Now the headlines are pointing to a former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder who has flaunted the two illegal activities, gambling and adult entertainment. Japanese adult film actress Tsukasa Aoi and Brazilian football star Paulinho were caught in a picture together promoting an illegal Asian online betting operator.

The Tottenham Hotspur let Paulinho go to Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande two years ago so his actions are going to cause issues for sure as the government has been cracking down on online betting in the jurisdiction. The player is back on track on the field after a difficult time with the Spurs and is being looked at by the German giants Bayern Munich. If deportation from China is in the cards he may have somewhere to land.  

The prohibition on gambling by players by the professional organizations and FIFA’s banning of player involvement in any way with the gambling industry should have kept Paulinho from the decision to back Letou, an illegal betting enterprise. Paulinho may be asked a few questions by his Chinese Super League club sponsors and other authorities to explain his antics in the bedroom in a nation that finds these activities offensive.

The obviousness of the betting promotion seems somewhat contrived possibly to compel a quick change for the promising midfielder’s career. There may be other more dire consequences for this particular football star if the police decide to press some charges.





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