Investor Confidence in Online Gambling Strong

Published Tuesday, May 16, 2017 -
Investor Confidence in Online Gambling Strong

Investors in online gaming and gambling are constantly searching for the holy grail of return on their investments and with so many choices there is bound to be a treasure chest among them. Research and dedication to the validity of company claims and projections is the way to find the hidden gems available on the market.

The new way of trading stocks online has small time investors reaping rewards using the algorithms developed for the stock market trends and categories. Online gambling stocks are by some accounts a good investment because of the licensing and controls the government has imposed on the industry making operators accountable and transparent. There are many aspects of the online gambling casino industry to put money into whether short term or long term.

The information provided by the internet gives the interested investor insight into a type of betting that is coming into its own lately. The $100bn Digital Games Market for example is making headway into the wagering world.  Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games account for almost 25% of the digital games industry this year and eSports or the competitive playing of video games market, will reach $3.5 billion by 2021.

A new study from Juniper Research Future Games Market: MMO & MOBA 2017-2021 and its author Lauren Foye described the focus, “MOBA games have evolved from user-made campaigns to a staple of the eSports industry, with considerable investment by games developers and publishers. Investment is driven by the fact that, in some cases, eSports viewership surpasses many popular sports.”

Investing in the future of eSports has been profitable for those who took up the cause early but  the timing may still be right to get in on the investor action in this forum. It has been suggested that emerging technology and business model innovation along with a youthful audience will drive this sector’s traction in the coming years.



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