'Drone Racing' Newest Betfair Betting Offer

Published Thursday, June 08, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
'Drone Racing' Newest Betfair Betting Offer

The newest sport to enter the world of online gambling is exciting and fun to watch and bet on. The online betting operator Betfair sees huge potential in this flying race specifically for drones. Flying a drone is not that difficult but competing at high speeds of over 90 miles per hour on courses designed to challenge even the most skilled pilots is another story altogether. The UK’s Betfair and the Drone Racing League (DRL) have partnered to offer punters markets on professional drone racing.

Drone racing was featured in a number of media posts as the next big thing.  The Drone Racing League struck a deal last September with sports network ESPN to broadcast events for the League. The final race of the Allianz World Championship circuit will be held on Tuesday 13 June, hosted by Alexandra Palace in London England.

Six of the world’s most accomplished drone pilots will vie for the Championship held in conjunction with London’s Tech Week the first ever profession drone completion. Tech oriented individuals with fast reflexes are being feted by the Drone Racing League urging them to consider a career as a professional drone racer. The lucrative contracts of as much as $100,000 to command a high tech flying machine for the professional sports league is a position some young adults are aspiring too.

DRL co-founder and CEO Nick Horbaczewski commented, “Drone racing is a sport made for betting. It combines the raw thrill of short track racing with the complexity and strategy of motor sports.

Stephen Mault, Paddy Power Betfair’s Chief of Marketing said,  “This is a great opportunity and we're excited to see how a partnership like this will play out for us in the future given the rise in popularity of the sport of drone racing.

“Innovation and technology are the lifeblood of everything we do at Betfair and we are committed to constantly finding ways of enhancing and improving the experience of our customers."



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