Poland's 'Liberalized' Online Gambling Flawed

Published Monday, June 12, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Poland's 'Liberalized' Online Gambling Flawed

Liberalization of the online gambling market in Poland isn’t exactly as advertized. The exit of many online gambling operators from the Polish jurisdiction is a clear marker of what the real situation is like in Poland’s betting market. April 1st 2017 saw the gaming laws changed to accommodate offshore operators but only for online sports and not for online casino, poker, and bingo games which are only offered by Totalizator Sportowy, the state gambling monopoly.

The interest in maintaining a license to offer online gambling products has been less than stellar by international operators who see little potential in the Polish jurisdiction. Offshore operators willing to offer products in the local market are facing a 12% tax on turnover.

The Polish Ministry of Finance, is responsible for the regulation of Poland’s gambling industry and it has been criticized for its implementation of a tax rate that is extremely high by most standards in regulated European jurisdictions. Making it clear to all violators of the new laws the Ministry of Finance has announced it will create a blacklist of unauthorized operators that may have their access to the local gambling market blocked. The most recent published list of operators on the censorship list revealed there are 311 domains already and the list is updated almost daily over the past two months but is still shy of other European gambling destinations that have blocking schemes. The necessary will to actually stop these offerings is lacking with aggressive online gambling operators still making their way past regulations and remaining in business in Poland.

It has been suggested that ISP blocking techniques are relatively ineffective in stopping access by punters that are looking for more betting product choices.  The reality is that the new regulatory regime will attract players to the unregulated underground gambling scene instead the regulated safety of organized government run betting.



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