Australia's Poker Community Seeks Inquiry Into Laws

Published Wednesday, June 14, 2017 -
Australia's Poker Community Seeks Inquiry Into Laws

Australia has been using politics to deliberately confuse the online gambling industry and keep certain gambling activities legal and others prohibited. The battle online gambling operators have been waging with the system comprised of various political interests is making it more difficult for the consumer to enjoy.

The Australian government has proposed The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill which primarily focuses on closing loopholes in the previous Interactive Gambling Act which allowed sports betting firms to effectively work around it. The latest twist in the Australian online gambling saga sees Senator David Leyonhjelm leading the launch of an online inquiry regarding Australia’s online poker market.

Senator Leyonhejlm said during an interview with, "I don't think they understood what they were doing." Referring to the introduced legislation that closed the loopholes for sports books but also prohibits the operation of online poker destinations.

The outspoken Senator also said after unsuccessfully lobbing parliament to amend the bill after it passed in March, "If I initiate an inquiry which highlights the stupidity of the law as it stands, perhaps some changes can be implemented." Leyonhejlm added,  "The fact that our country allows online sports betting and horse racing so freely, which are both truly gambling, and doesn't allow online poker is truly embarrassing."
Senator Leyonhejlm is a proponent of the Australian Online Poker Alliance (AOPA), a local organization of poker players opposing the new legislation.
Joseph Del Duca, media contact for the AOPA also spoke to saying,  "It is amazing just how many poker players have come out and supported our fight to keep online poker in Australia,"
“The support has ranged from people of all ages from right across the country. It just shows that poker is truly a game which can be enjoyed by everyone. This is why we are fighting so hard to keep it.”



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