UKGC Raising Standards For Online Gambling Industry

Published Thursday, July 06, 2017 -
UKGC Raising Standards For Online Gambling Industry

The system employed by the United Kingdom dealing with online gambling has been a successful enterprise. Online gambling regulation is a difficult process to manage especially in the U.K. where gambling products are diverse and multi layered.

Last month the UK Gambling Commission introduced a series of measures to give consumers more tools for the monitoring of online gambling activities. Consultations with industry stake holders recently culminated in the creation of the revised requirements for operators to “enhance protections” for a more “informed decision” regarding online gambling participation.

Programme director at the UKGC, Sharon McNair, commented on the improvements, “Consumers must be able to make informed decisions about their online gambling activity.

“The findings of our recent consultation indicate that there are differences in approach amongst licensees in relation to the level of information available to their consumers and the ease by which that information is accessible.

“The new requirements seek to address this and ensure greater consistency in the information available to all consumers regardless of who they choose to gamble with.

“Gambling operators must see beyond the bottom line, and ensure both new and existing gambling products are effectively managing the risks to the licensing objectives, keeping gambling safe and fair for all.”

McNair continued, “We are seeing operators developing new gambling products and technologies every day – something that it is vital to the further advancement of the sector.

“But as the industry transforms, operators are reminded that we too will continue to adapt our regulation to raise standards across all gambling sectors and enhance the protections available for consumers.”

Chief executive officer of the UKGC, Sarah Harrison, also commented, “We will use the full range of enforcement powers to ensure operators put customers first and raise standards.

“The industry can be assured that we will use our powers in a targeted way, and consumers and the public can be assured we will take robust and effective action when gambling companies don’t meet their obligations.”



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