Artificial Intelligence Fueling Online Gambling Trends

Published Monday, July 24, 2017 -
Artificial Intelligence Fueling Online Gambling Trends

The words artificial intelligence can mean nothing to the average punter but for operators it can be a game changer. The use of AI in the internet gambling industry is definitely putting a different spin on the experience for the online gambling participant. The advancements in the tech sector with more powerful and integrated computer networks has given the online gambler a safer and more enjoyable time while playing.

The trends are being made mainstream with the innovative approach that online gambling operators and developers are using with the help of artificial intelligence. A recent internet gambling conference speaker Dr. Freija van Duijne, president of the Dutch Future Society, spoke about these emerging trends impacting the online gambling industry and provided insights into how the futurists use trend insights to stay ahead of the techno curve.

Developers such as BtoBets and one of its platforms the intelligent B Neuron is an advanced Sportsbook and Gaming platform on the market that offers an array of tools using AI to navigate involvement with online betting.  Kostandina Zafirovska Chief Executive Officer of BtoBet said in an interview with’s Becky Liggero explaining the role of artificial intelligence in providing a personalized gaming experience.

“It is very easy because working long years in technology, working with different industries, these technology trends are massively adapted and well integrated in the big systems, especially in the finance industry. So it is easy to reflect that experience into gaming,” Zafirovska continued, “Having artificial intelligence incorporated in the gaming platform with the combination of augmented reality, virtual reality, and recommendation engine, really tailors different offers for the players and saves a lot of money for operators in a way that we like to give some new experience, and new expectations to be brought in the market for the players and to change a bit and drive a different gaming experience. More exciting and more personalized.”


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