AGA Includes Digital In The New Code Of Conduct

Published Thursday, August 03, 2017 -
AGA Includes Digital In The New Code Of Conduct

Responding to the changing times is part of the American Gaming Association’s  20th annual Responsible Gaming Education Week. This organization has called for the gambling industry to commit to protecting the vulnerable consumer and maintaining a transparent and educated staff that has embraced the digital world of betting.

The many gaming corporate top brass, gambling equipment suppliers, regulators, and tribal gaming representatives were enlightened by the AGA president and CEO Geoff Freeman who led a roundtable discussion at Stockton University in New Jersey. They were there to examine the principals of responsible gaming and the current interpretation.

Taking the opportunity to deliver the message that Freeman wants the gambling industry to hear the AGA published an updated version of the Code of Conduct on Responsible Gaming. Responsible gaming is the primary message of but the new code has added the virtual digital aspect to its Code.

CEO Freeman commented, “Our updated Code of Conduct will ensure our members and their employees have the tools needed to ensure a safe, responsible experience for all customers,” Freeman continued to explain, The new rules, as part of responsible gaming measures, emphasize enhanced transparency about odds and payouts, while encouraging greater honesty in advertising and marketing, ensuring that these odds are not misrepresented just to lure in customers.

 Other participants attending the roundtable discussions also added their opinions which were inline with the aims of the AGA.  Executive director of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, Marcus Prater, explained, “Presenting a unified message of commitment and putting a spotlight on an area of responsibility all of us share not just during this special week, but 24/7,” he added, “reflects our full-time focus on an important aspect of our specific gaming entertainment.”

Ernie Stevens, National Indian Gaming Association Chairperson revealed that NIGA and tribal operators were aware of the seriousness of gambling addiction.

The AGA funds research for treating gambling addiction and creates programs for educating the public and gambling industry participants.


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