UltraPlay Claims First Live eSports Betting Solution

Published Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
UltraPlay Claims First Live eSports Betting Solution

The latest gambling trend to hit the internet is eSports and the interest in the activity has gained massive traction.  To accommodate the growth a number of firms have taken on the task of bringing the action to life and creating a platform for eSport fans.

The Bulgarian firm UltraPlay, a tech company, founded in 2010, with a focus on eSports, sports betting, casino, live betting and bitcoin solutions is providing  an innovative approach to the online gambling industry. The operator claims the UltraPlay eSports solution is ready to accommodate the millennial generation of punters. A recent post now ignites interest in Ultraplay which is said to set an industry first with esports live betting.

The company is to be the first provider of betting products to offer live betting on the Grand Final of esports tournament  of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017. Featuring teams from around the globe the competition is organised and run by EA Sports in partnership with FIFA . The exclusive live betting option will be made available for all FIFA interactive players around the world.

Head of esports trading at UltraPlay, Peter Ivanov commented,  “Led by the mission and experience of building a betting brand that appeals to eSports fans, UltraPlay is constantly improving its eSports odds provision and betting options to offer the next level of gaming experience. Ivanov continued to explain, “That was the core idea behind the company’s decision to become the first igaming provider offering live betting on the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final - the highly ranked and prestigious international tournament followed by millions of fans worldwide.”

UltraPlay eSports has created a unique approach by combining traditional sportsbook techniques with innovative game analysis. The firm claims to be doing the impossible. With over 500 in-play variables for some of the games, statistical, mathematical models don’t reveal to complete betting image. UltraPlay is on the leading edge of the new wave in gaming.




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