Facebook Raffles May Be Unlicensed Gambling

Published Sunday, September 10, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Facebook Raffles May Be Unlicensed Gambling

Scams are everywhere and the internet is no exception in fact the scams are more insidious and dangerous. The latest social media upset comes in the form of a gambling scam being pushed on Facebook. According to a report on BBC Two, raffles on Facebook are basically allowing unlicensed gambling in the U.K.

There is, as with many offers to good to be true, the potential of having the player’s funds stolen by the fraudsters. The UK Gambling Commission has recognized the issue to be one that could be harmful and has had to issue a warning. Facebook does have a policy of removing any raffles that aren’t licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The Facebook moderators are having a hard time coping with the immense volume of these types of pages being put up. The police have even been brought in to investigate certain allegations.

There are a number of groups on Facebook offering raffles that has expanded fast. Some players  belong to as many as ten different groups on the social media network. These sites promise enticing prizes regularly. There are also fears that many of the pages are in fact bogus with players finding no payout after their investment and nowhere to turn for compensation.  

Avoiding these offers can be tricky as the people responsible for the fraud are good at concealing their motives which is to get you interested in the web site and take your cash. Facebook and social media in general is full of things posted that are fake and made up so these are methods the scammers use. Facebook has started verifying the identities of certain pages that are likely to be fake.  Pages that Facebook has verified, have a blue check mark next to their name on their profiles. You can be confident that verified pages are legitimate. Don’t be fooled, do a little homework before you dive in and surf responsibly.

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