Possible Online Gambling Ban In Republic of Georgia

Published Wednesday, September 13, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Possible Online Gambling Ban In Republic of Georgia

The Republic of Georgia is in a region of the world that has conflicted political interests because of its proximity to Russia and Turkey. The relationship with Russia is still tense and the laws regarding gambling are somewhat influenced by the neighbouring nations.

A recent post in Georgian media source Commersant has exposed a conflict brewing in the Georgian government. Special commissions are currently dealing with the introduction of a new regulatory platform for gambling in the parliament and the Ministry of Finance.  Lasha Khutsishvili the Deputy Finance Minister of Georgia has said that this issue is being discussed.  Khutsishvili explains, "We analyze the world experience to understand how effective are those or other measures taken with respect to online gaming. The international practice shows that at present there are no effective mechanisms to actually prohibit online games. Millions are spent from the state budget on such measures, but in vain. Georgian media revealed there is a disagreement between the two special commissions tasked with studying Georgia’s gambling laws.

Legislators are considering a total prohibition on online gambling in the jurisdiction while the Department of Finance are not buying the idea because of the experience of other nations dealing with illegal online gambling.

The Russian government has prohibited at least 1500 online gambling domain each week with little or no effect. Turkey has also recently announced plans to ramp up efforts to remove illegal gambling in the country. Operators such as GVC Holdings a U.K. regulated company still offers gambling products to Turkish facing customers. Not long ago the Ministry of Finance in Georgia announced it plans to establish a Gambling Business Policy Division.  A mandate has been established to develop gambling regulations ensuring appropriate consumer protections for Georgian gamblers as well as noting input from industry stakeholders.

The extent to which the ban on online betting will be imposed is still not revealed with concerns over the competition affecting licensed operators such as Adjarabet, Iveriabet or Georgia’s national lottery.






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