Unikrn Stikes Gold With New Cryptocurrency Product

Published Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Unikrn Stikes Gold With New Cryptocurrency Product

The internet gambling industry has a new kid on the block called eSports and it has taken awhile to become main stream but it has definitely arrived. The introduction of eSports has attracted a new set of entrepreneurs such as investors Mark Cuban,  Ashton Kutcher, Binary Capital and Indicator Ventures, and others. Launched in 2014, Unikrn which offers real money betting on eSports events in the UK and Australian markets has matured and branched out.

Last June Unikrn and Betgenius signed a partnership to drive customer engagement by leveraging esports data analytics, content, pre-match and live betting markets. This and other significant changes has allowed Unikrn to flourish in the new online gambling sector.

Now just a few months on the company is offering another virtual product. The Ethereum co-founder and Mark Cuban have put millions towards Unikrn’s  eSports betting platform’s digital token sale. The Seattle USA based company launched its initial coin offering (ICO) pre-sale recently for the UnikoinGold tokens. The digital currency is designed as a decentralized token on the Ethereum platform, meaning that it can be bought, sold and traded on digital currency exchanges that are with Ethereum.

The preliminary sale of the virtual currency which are for exclusive use on its skill-based betting platform was limited to the larger block chain groups.

Canadian Unikrn founder Rahul Sood said they, “felt would work to build commercial opportunities for the UnikoinGold ecosystem,”  Unikrn also said it plans to open the coin sale region by region and gradually. Ethereum co-founder Anthony Diiorio, Blockchain Capital and Pantera Capital also participated in the ICO.

The company is well on its way to finding more capital for its growth with partner CoinCircle with a plan to sell $100 million worth of its cryptocurrency tokens. UnikoinGold is the extended version of the original virtual coin Unikoin, which was launched back in 2015 and now known as UnikoinSilver.


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