New Smartphones Deliver Best Online Gambling Content

Published Wednesday, October 04, 2017 -
New Smartphones Deliver Best Online Gambling Content

The recent launch of the newest smart phones has some gamblers having to make some hard choices. The selection is interesting and these computers in the palm of one’s hand are not inexpensive so with the idea of budget in mind the choice may be somewhat limited.

The number of software providers for the global mobile gambling market is massive but there are those that rise to the occasion better than most. Microgaming has a sterling reputation for being able to stay ahead of the gaming curve with new products constantly coming out. Microgaming, NYX and NetEnt already share games on each other’s casino platforms and all have opened the door to competition  from companies that are just gaming developers that require a software platform for distribution.

Quickfire, one of Microgaming’s products is responsible for delivering the right code to the right device according to the game selected by the user. Android devices, iOS Tablets, MACS, iPhones, Windows 8 mobiles and desktop OSs.

NextGen and NYX have a similar operation to the Microgaming and Quickfire arrangement. NXY is an Australian-based enterprise running its own progressive jackpot network and a number of casino table games, bingo, lottery games and slots on the desktop and mobile devices. NYX’s complete OGS casino solution takes care of the platform; while its subsidiary, NextGen Gaming, develops the entertainment products. With NYX’s premium software platform and NextGen’s great games the firm has partnered with 100 operators to distribute over 300 games on the internet.

The specs competition for smartphones continues to progress, with RAM and processors being boosted every year and when it comes to gaming, the options have never been greater. There is the most powerful, most affordable or most unique in features there are many choices. Breaking it down to the basics the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on top but it has some stiff competition from other makers.  



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