Constant Smartphone Use Creating Gambling Issues

Published Tuesday, October 10, 2017 -
Constant Smartphone Use Creating Gambling Issues

Online gambling can be addictive and the people running the industry are totally aware of the fact. The new internet and the advanced use of cell phones now called a smart phones has taken its place as one of the world’s most constantly used devises. There is someone on the internet twenty four seven playing a game or on Instagram, Facebook or some other domain while Twittering what was for lunch.  

There are reasons for an increase in internet betting addiction everywhere and it stems from our preoccupation with our phones. The overuse of anything can bring about social change that can be harmful to a society in general and extra difficult for the person suffering. Today we could be doing more to be aware of the need to stop and consider what else there is to do with spare time.

Playing gambling games for free on social media channels can be a great way to control the need to just let the dice roll. Online poker has created an incredible new way of connecting to others in a safe but changing virtual environment. The social aspect is one of the game’s most important elements even though it’s virtual its good clean entertainment. The only part that deters from the use of the internet for gaming for real money is its addictiveness.

The online gambling industry should remember that the problem gambler has a hard time resolving issues. To be fair operators should provide the means and more funding to help keep punters in touch with reality. Research has been done on the internet addictiveness and the knowledge should be applied. Perhaps warnings about how addictive an internet gambling game is should be posted at the casino door. Little things can add up to bigger things we should start by looking at the clock once in awhile to see how long the play went on and what we missed.


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