Bitcoin Advancing Online Casino Access

Published Monday, October 16, 2017 -
Bitcoin Advancing Online Casino Access

It has been reported recently that the number of the virtual currency bitcoin ATMs is on the rise in Russia. Ten of them were just installed in five districts of Novosibirsk by a local startup. Last week, a different company announced their plans to install a hundred cryptocurrency ATMs in selected Moscow hotels and airport terminals beginning very soon. Meanwhile, the regulators in Russia have said that they will not legalize cryptocurrencies in the near future.

So what that means for the online gambling industry in the Eastern European market is that there will be more expansion of casinos accepting virtual currencies. The volatile Bitcoin has surpassed all expectations with the current price at over the unprecedented $5000.00 USD mark. This is a money that only exists on the internet until recently when Bitcoin cash came about.

Betting on Bitcoin has become a thrilling ride for those gamblers with nerves of steel and deep pockets. Where the currency is headed seems to be pointing only upward after news of a crackdown in China it bottomed out near $2,900 per coin on September 15, but it has since rallied to an all time high.

The number of online casinos that are now accepting Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is growing daily but there is a reason to be at least a little cautious when playing on Bitcoin sites. While most players are likely to have an excellent experience, it’s worth understanding the risks that come when venturing into unknown financial territory. Education is the key to getting the most out of using a cryptocurrency when playing at an online casino. While the transaction might take a while to confirm on the Blockchain there is no doubt that Bitcoin accepting locations are the fastest paying casinos on the web. Remember however the rogue’s gallery is full of pirate casinos that are stealing software from known developers so be wary of scams using Bitcoin as a draw.

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