Pennsylvania USA Steps Closer To Legal Internet Betting

Published Saturday, October 28, 2017 -
Pennsylvania USA Steps Closer To Legal Internet Betting

The state of the online gambling industry in the USA has been a gamble for politicians who see the potential revenue gains of a regulated and licensed system. Governments in the various jurisdictions in America need more funding for social programs and are looking at betting products available online as a way to obtain the needed funds.

Pennsylvania has been a jurisdiction that has recently passed a gambling expansion bill that could lead to making online gambling legal.  The Pennsylvania Senate voted 31-19, moving the bill to the state House, where it will be examined again. The bill had been in a stagnant state due to a disagreement regarding the subject of video gaming terminals and whether these machines should be permitted on a large-scale basis in Pennsylvania. Internet games and a number of new casinos across Pennsylvania legal games at highway truck stops and the possibility of legal sports betting in the future were part of the proposed legislation.  

House Bill 271 has gone through the next step with The House voting 109-72 in favour of the expansion bill. If the bill gets final approval, the state lottery will be able to sell an opportunity to win online while daily fantasy sports operators may also be able to operate in the state if Congress clears these activities nationally.

Executive vice-president of Spectrum Gaming Group, a New Jersey-based consultancy, Joe Weinert, said the bill was one of the most “aggressive” he has ever witnessed. Weinert commented, “Aside from any state initially authorizing casino gambling, this is one of the most aggressive gambling expansion bills we’ve ever seen.”

Pennsylvania plans to tax internet games the same rate as casinos pay for live play at their physical locations.  A portion of slots revenue is destined for property taxes and other online games contributing to the state’s general revenue needs.


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