NBA Supports Change In USA Sports Betting Laws

Published Sunday, November 19, 2017 -
NBA Supports Change In USA Sports Betting Laws

The state of the gambling industry in the USA is always in flux depending on the current law maker’s opinion and general knowledge on the subject. Legislators are constantly being introduced to new information about all sorts of issues that may include the expansion of gambling in their particular jurisdiction. The required effort to change a law in the USA is enormous because lawmakers want to make intelligent choices and need to be brought up to speed on the topic.

Gambling on sports in America is going through a time when major organizations have built a case to present to the US Congress to legalise and regulate sports betting throughout the nation. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has revealed plans to lobby the Congress which is a major about face for the NBA that did not come forward to advocate it last year.

Vice-president and assistant general counsel at the NBA, Dan Spillane, pointed out the league’s intent at the Sports Betting USA conference in New York recently, stating it will lobby the government for a “federal framework”. Commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver, said last July such activities will result in “enormous additional engagement with the fans”.

Commissioner of North America’s Major League Soccer (MLS), Don Garber also recently said he would support the proposed legalizing of sports betting stating wagering is “part of the DNA of football”.

Garber recently said, “I am a big proponent that it’s going to happen, we might as well be in front of it.

“I think there are great values to our tax revenues to be able to do that, I don’t think we can stop it, so maybe we’d even lead the charge.”

The Garden State of New Jersey is working on overturning the Federal 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), maintaining that the Act violates the Constitution of the USA.  


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