Police In Hong Kong & China Break Up Illegal Gambling Operation

Published Monday, December 04, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Police In Hong Kong & China Break Up Illegal Gambling Operation

An investigation that was triggered by a tip last April has resulted in yet another bust in Hong Kong and mainland China of a major illegal online gambling operation.

China’s state media outlet Xinhua recently posted that authorities had detained 71 individuals suspected of involvement in an online gambling operation that involved illegal betting by Chinese mainland gamblers on Hong Kong’s legal gambling network.

Police in the Chinese province of Guangdong were made aware of websites that let mainland gamblers place bets on international football matches, as well as horseracing organised by the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The large contingency of police raided dozens of suspected illegal gambling locations in both Guangdong and Hong Kong resulting in the arrest of 48 people in one jurisdiction and 23 more alleged criminals in the other. Between the Guangdong and Hong Kong police efforts they revealed they have stopped RMB 21m (US $3.2m) worth of online bets and wagers worth around HKD 100m ($12.8m).  A significant amount of cash, as well as computers, cell phones, betting slips and other gear related to the illegal operation.

Organized Crime and Triad Bureau chief inspector Bert Lo Chung-wong was quoted in the South China Morning Post as saying that the ring was organized into four tiers, “overseas bookmakers, senior brokers, brokers and gamblers. The senior brokers sometimes acted as the bookmakers and received bets directly from gamblers. Or they passed the bets to overseas bookmakers to earn brokerage.”

Chinese officials have been adamant about eliminating illegal online gambling and have stepped up efforts to identify wrongdoing and arrest and punish perpetrators. China’s Ministry of Public Security is cooperating with other jurisdictions in Asia to fight over the boarder illegal gambling.

The FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia this year where there will be close proximity to China in prime viewing hours illegal betting is expected. More cross border crack downs are in the works before the series as China anticipates a large volume of illegal betting activity.


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