Clarion Gaming Initiates Action Plan For Diversity

Published Monday, February 12, 2018 -
Clarion Gaming Initiates Action Plan For Diversity

There are challenges being established in the gambling industry with the issue of sexism coming up as a top contender. There are problems with the representation of women in the industry and there are some people that want to change that.

Clarion Gaming’s managing director Kate Chambers has made an effort to bring attention to the representation of women on the showroom floor as part of an ongoing commitment to diversity in the growing industry.

Chambers maintains that Clarion will take a “greater degree of control over this important issue”, with an Action Plan of wider deliverables put out for consultation, which will then be applied across Clarion Gaming’s events and information platforms. Chambers supported the call for change by UK Gambling Commission CEO, Sarah Harrison after she criticised some exhibitors' use of women in provocative dress to promote their products in "an industry where we have a number of talented, powerful and successful women.”

Chambers said in a statement, “Our campaign to encourage respectful representation of women began prior to the 2017 edition of ICE. The majority of the senior team at Clarion Gaming is female and our strategy has been to drive a cultural change, which hopefully has a degree of permanency rather than a proscriptive change.

“While I think we have achieved some success adopting this strategy, moving forward we will be taking a greater degree of control over this important issue and updating our position in partnership with our stakeholders.

“Wherever Clarion Gaming operates in the world it does so with the support of the industry we set out to serve and we will be canvassing stakeholders through our Ampersand Think Tank and Research initiative that enables us to communicate directly with the industry. 

“Following this process we will produce an Action Plan of deliverables for wider consultation and I would like members of the industry who would like to be part of that process to contact me directly. The Action Plan will apply to all of our brands.”



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