UEFA and ESSA Team Up to Fight Corruption in Sports

Published Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
UEFA and ESSA Team Up to Fight Corruption in Sports

The battle against corruption and cheating in the sports world is constant and serious, match fixing and deceit ruins sports for everyone. Playing a fair game is the goal of every competitor but there are forces driven mostly by greed that sometimes keeps that from happening.

There are organizations that are making a concerted effort to stamp out fraudulent behaviour in sports one of the most effective is ESSA (Sports Betting Integrity) which is widely recognised to have contributed to the licensed betting sector’s continuing success in deterring betting related match-fixing within its markets.

Khalid Ali, secretary general of ESSA, said this in 2017,  “The past year has proved to be one of our most challenging and yet productive to date.

“The effectiveness of the association’s alert system, bolstered by an expanding membership, continues to be publicly recognised by key stakeholders.

“New information sharing agreements have also been put in place so that we can react more readily to changing trends and challenges to both our members’ businesses and our partners around the world.

“There is a growing focus on betting integrity in existing and potential new markets and ESSA has sought to reflect this in its responses to policy consultations and in its wider engagement.”

Now, the organization has teamed up with the Union of European Football Associations UEFA in an all out effort to eradicate match-fixing from football around Europe. The two parties have signed an information-sharing agreement, with ESSA and its membership of 25 sports betting operators to support UEFA’s efforts.

UEFA’s Managing Director of Integrity, Emilio Garcia commented on the arrangement,  “We are delighted that ESSA will be teaming up with UEFA in our mission to eradicate the manipulation of matches from football, and the exchange of information between trusted partners is a key milestone in this fight”, “Match-fixing is a disease that threatens football’s soul, and the game must be safeguarded from those who seek to profit from it by criminal means.”





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