888 Holdings Claims German Online Gambling Laws Unfair

Published Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
888 Holdings Claims German Online Gambling Laws Unfair

Germany is one jurisdiction in the European Union that is still a political and legal nightmare for online gambling operators trying to do business in that nation. The government has not been able to unify its efforts to legalize online gambling with the country’s online gambling rules in a constant state of flux since the 2012 federal treaty on gambling failed.  A revised treaty was introduced last year, but it also failed to achieve unanimous approval from of all of the 16 German states.

Germany’s overall gambling participation continues to be in decline, despite increases in gambling stakes and revenue. The decline in gambling comes despite the fact that Germany’s gambling market has seen a 191.5% increase since the country liberalized its land-based betting market back in 2006.

It has been a rough ride for international operators that have been hoping the European Court of Justice would intervene and declare Germany’s effort to restrict online casino operators from dealing with German customers unfair.  However the EU seems to have lost interest in enforcing Article 56 which prohibits restrictions on trade in goods and services between EU member states.

After many international operators have left the gambling market in Germany one is holding out for some justice with UK-listed online gambling operator 888 Holdings announcing it will appeal a court ruling restricting online casino operators from participating after a Federal Administrative Court upheld a lower court ruling in the state of Baden-Württemberg.  888 recently told investors that it may exit the German betting market.

 888 has announced that one of its German-facing subsidiaries has filed a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court.  The firm asserts that the October ruling “infringes its constitutional rights, as well as its rights under [European Union] law, (including the freedom to provide services), and hence should be reversed.”

The chances of a positive outcome from this action seem slim but 888 is confident this is the right move at this time.




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