Juniper Claims Video Game Gambling Future Is Bright

Published Thursday, April 19, 2018 -
Juniper Claims Video Game Gambling Future Is Bright

Research in many forms drives the world of speculative businesses with stats and facts, the main advantage investors have when deciding the fate of their money. Juniper Research for example  specialises in identifying and appraising high growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. The firm established 2002 has since grown to become one of the leading analyst firms in the mobile and digital tech sector. The idea of future gazing technology research has brought the online gambling industry into a perspective that is dependent on this knowledge.

A recent report by the research firm has revealed that in-game gambling on video games is proving to be a real financial boon currently yielding as much as $30 billion a year. Juniper anticipates that this number could increase to as much as $50 billion by the year 2020.

So called ‘loot boxes’ and ‘skins’ betting are the usual sources of revenue for the companies offering these products. By buying optional enhanced video game characters or by winning game upgrades or prizes with real money the games are considered gambling by some jurisdictions including Australia the USA and Belgium.

Even though there is a controversial aspect, loot boxes are still offered, and are gaining traction and popularity. Now in the face of legislation that could ban them video game manufacturers are making moves to ensure that the activity complies with the regulatory requirements.

The Juniper research report, “In-Game Gambling – The Next Cash Cow For Publishers,” stated that “loot boxes are becoming an increasingly popular means of monetizing consumers and creating longer term engagement with titles.”

Another one of Juniper’s data reports the Mobile & Online Gambling: Casinos, Lotteries, Betting & VR 2018-2022 maintains that total online wagers will leap to as much as 11.4 percent to $700 billion this year compared to a little over $620 billion in 2017. Considering these facts, it would be wise for legislatures to read and learn that the future is bright for online betting companies involved in this sector.


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