Esports Entertainment Announces Expanding Partnerships

Published Monday, April 23, 2018 -
Esports Entertainment Announces Expanding Partnerships

Gambling on E-Sports or basically betting on video games is a relatively new product vector that some firms are engaging wholeheartedly. Looking into the sector’s history it has been expanding at an enormous rate. One firm that is an original in the e-sports betting industry is Esports Entertainment Group which has a background in the offering of e-sports wagering.

The company was called DK Sinopharma Inc. described as a developer of real money wagering in second generation social video game experiences delivered to consumers around the world. Then back in 2014 it changed its name the first time legally to VGambling Inc. which was described as a next generation Internet gaming/gambling company. From operational bases in Canada and Antigua, VGambling had the intent to combine "video games" and "Internet gambling" to create and lead a global "online video gambling" industry.

Then again back in May of 2017 VGambling Inc. a licensed online gambling company with a specific focus on eSports wagering, announced its most recent name change to Esports Entertainment Group, Inc.  Several reasons were sighted for the change, the most important being the launch of their eSports online wagering platform supported by both investor relations and media relations campaigns. Better name recognition within the industry and a greater search engine relevancy on both traditional and social media platforms.  

Esports Entertainment offers wagering on eSports events in a fully licensed, regulated and secured platform to the global eSports audience, not including the United States. In addition, Esports Entertainment intends to offer participation in multi-player video games tournaments online for cash prizes.

The firm has headquarters in St. Mary's, Antigua and Barbuda and has recently announced their latest affiliate partners list. Esports Entertainment has secured affiliate marketing agreements with a further 15 professional esports teams.

Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment, commented, “We are proud to provide all esports fans and teams a fully transparent esports wagering platform, the only one in the world to help the entire industry grow and prosper.”



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