Report Reveals Tennis Tops Match Fixing List

Published Thursday, April 26, 2018 -
Report Reveals Tennis Tops Match Fixing List

Tennis is the game that seems to be the most fixed of all the sports. It may come as a surprise to regulators considering the other sports that have been implicated in corrupt actions such as football and cricket.

Tennis according to the Independent Review Panel is experiencing match fixing and corruption at an unprecedented level especially in the lower-level events. The report was initiated up in response to a 2016 report by the BBC and BuzzFeed News that revealed a spate of illegal betting in tennis. The IRP study took place over a two year period and it included over 100 players.

The study suggested there was also “some evidence of some issues” at the higher levels of tennis including matches such as the Grand Slam competitions although the IRP stated it did not consider this to be a “widespread problem” in elite tennis events. Much to the relief of officials the study also revealed there was no possible cover-up action taken by tennis’ governing bodies or the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

A proposal floated was for the International Tennis Federation to consider terminating all sponsorship deals with wagering enterprises and for the Tennis Integrity Unit to be reorganised and reformed. The most volatile period for match fixing w=ran from October until the end of the season where there were as many as two or three fixed matches per day in ITF events.

The IRP said that exploration of wrong doing at Grand Slam events was “insufficient”, while it criticised the Association of Tennis Professionals for “failing to exhaust potential leads before ending investigations”.

Integrity body ESSA said, “ESSA and its members have been working closely with the TIU to address potential betting related match-fixing throughout this process and are committed to working with them to tackle corruption.” Adding, “This has delivered a number of positive investigative actions and sanctions and we will continue to work in partnership with the tennis authorities.”


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