Gambling Firms Crownbet & Sportsbet Go To Court In Australia

Published Monday, June 25, 2018 -
Gambling Firms Crownbet & Sportsbet Go To Court In Australia

In the global online gambling industry there are certain to be legal disputes brought to the courts regarding fair play and rival concerns. A legal battle is brewing in Australia where Australian online sports betting operator Sportsbet is taking on rival Crownbet n the courts over Crownbets attempt to rebrand as Sportingbet.

The clear cut case is one that plays out as a David and Goliath scene where the big firm feels entitled and attempts to squash the little one.

The situation became interesting when Crownbet, which was recently acquired by online gambling giant The Stars Group announced it planned to rebrand its expanded operations utilizing the currently dormant Sportingbet brand. Crownbet took ownership of the Sportingbet brand after aquiring The Australian division of the UK bookmaker William Hill.

Operator  Paddy Power Betfair which operates Sportsbet, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Crownbet was infringing on the Sportsbet trademark by trying to trademark the Sportingbet name.

Crownbet recently filed an application to trademark Sportingbet and then applied to register the name Sportingbet Pty Ltd with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Sportsbet formally requested that Crownbet stop its Sportingbet rebranding efforts but Crownbet’s solicitors rejected Sportsbet’s demands outright.

William Hill Australia took the Sportingbet brand off the table in 2015 after purchasing the firm earlier. Sportsbet’s attorneys are sure to reveal that when the brand was retired, Ralph Topping,  then the CEO of William Hill, justified the decision based on his understanding that consumers were likely to confuse Sportingbet with Sportsbet.

Justice Barry Beach has been asked for temporary and permanent injunctions against Crownbet using the Sportingbet mark, plus damages and costs. A federal court hearing has been scheduled for July 25. Sportsbet attempted to buy the William Hill Australia property with rival Crownbet taking it instead.


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