Quebec Spending More On ISP Blocking Fight

Published Monday, August 27, 2018 -
Quebec Spending More On ISP Blocking Fight

The amount of time and public money being spent on legal proceedings regarding online gambling is staggering. The recent news that the Quebec provincial government is once again trying to block online gambling sites in their jurisdiction comes at a time when the public purse in Quebec is stretched to the limits.  The challenge comes despite the obvious fact that blocking has already been ruled to be unconstitutional by the Quebec Supreme Court.  

Apparently the Attorney General of Quebec filed an official appeal with the Department of Justice in the faint hope the high court decision will be overturned and the province of Quebec will have the entire online betting market sewn up.

Originally the issue came to light in May of 2016 when Quebec’s legislators passed Bill 74 which told Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block all unlicensed online gambling sites. The list of banned sites was a massive 2200, restricting access to some 8.2 million citizens.

Justice Pierre Nollet in his decision against the legislation wrote, “Its pith and substance is to prevent online gambling not set up and operated by the province from being ‘communicated’ by ISPs and not the protection of consumers or their health,”  

The Justice also noted that Bill 74 was not only against the public interest, but was also a clear violation of the Canadian Radio-Television Commission Act. The consuming interest of the Quebec politicians to be righteously protecting the interests and health of the public is a vain attempt at controlling the way people in Quebec live. There are a number of controversial laws passed in the French province that contravene the constitution of Canada. Other jurisdictions have tried to prohibit and restrict internet gambling through the use of ISP blocks but few have been successful. The Quebec order to block is far too broad in scale and another financial gamble for the taxpayer of the province.



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