Innovative Slot Interface Ramping Up The Speed Six Times

Published Saturday, September 15, 2018 -
Innovative Slot Interface Ramping Up The Speed Six Times

The attention span for the digital age consumer is a much shorter duration than the old school term when it seemed like an eternity waiting for the slot game to complete the spin. Digital gambling consumers today get bored quickly when on the internet if the game doesn’t load fast enough or the payout takes too long.

Operators are always looking for methods to retain players and bring them back to their site. Speed has been a significant factor when customers choose an online casino web domain and speed is also a big issue for online betting operators from all over the world.

Internet connections are becoming lightning fast and operators want to be able to keep up with the latest technology and take advantage of the increased speed that players demand and are beginning to expect.

One firm is trying to accommodate the needs in the very competitive slot gambling sector with innovation taking a front row seat for many operators looking to stand out from the crowd. Hero Gaming has found a method that is achieving the lofty goal by launching a new slot based interface named Blitz. The new interface will let slot players play at six times the normal speed.

Hero Gaming headquartered in Malta owns online gambling sites Speedy Casino, Casino Heros and the internet sportsbook Betser and has now made the Blitz interface available to its players. The Blitz innovation gives slot fans a faster time with no need to wait after each spin for the results to appear.

The CEO of Hero Gaming, Tomas Backman, proudly announced,  “It’s great to have provided something that is genuinely new to the market from the operator side. Many operators talk about innovation, but to be honest very few deliver. I think everyone can agree that Blitz is innovative.”

Slot participants are able to quit play at any time while maintaining their account balance and the number of spins left.


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