Nordic Gaming Group Steps Up Online Gaming Affiliate Profits

Published Thursday, July 01, 2010 -

Nordic Gaming Group the online gaming company has announced that it will partner with online payment provider Moneybookers.
Affiliates with Nordic Gaming Group receive portion of it earnings for new Moneybookers referrals. For three months thirty percent of the Moneybookers turn over of each player deposits will go to the affiliates, then affiliates will receive twenty percent.
The contracted deal between Moneybookers and Nordic Gaming Group will allow merchants to increase the share for affiliates who will in turn expand their data bases and enjoy other peripheral benefits such as direct access to their Nordic Gaming Group profits through their Moneybookers account via ATM's or POS terminals.
Affiliate manager for the Nordic Gaming Group, Shaun O’Neill, said, "This is a crucial step. NGG is one of the first companies to provide this offer. Without a doubt we are the first to provide our core markets this deal."
NGG affiliates will be glad they are part of the partnership as they will profit twice on each referral. Extra money is paid to affiliates for referrals to NGG and online services including Skype.
O’Neill, also said, "It provides us an unique opportunity to add new affiliates. The deal stimulates our current affiliates to make even more NGG referrals." This partnership is an attempt to boost interest in the Nordic Gaming Group Limited, one of Europe's fastest growing online gaming companies.
The operator’s three brands at, and will all have the affiliate deal in place. O'Neill, said recently, "To be honest, it's an easy sell since the affiliates have already been turned on by our top-notch products and services. They especially like the fact that we've got such a wide sports book offer and can work well in both the global and local markets."
Chief Executive Officer for Nordic Per Hellberg, commented on O’Neill's performance, "He knows this aspect of the industry inside and out and understands exactly what the affiliates want. This programme will be a nice complement to our already successful business and we are expecting to get a lot out of it."

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