Online Poker Game of Choice for European Governments

Published Sunday, August 01, 2010 -

The internet and all of it's commerce potential is the way of future economies for many countries that see the graffiti is on the wall. We are living in a computer dominated environment for the most part in urban centers around the planet and are interconnected to the web with so many applications the imagination is endlessly finding new ways of getting the information or the game you need or want. That technology has gone completely mobile.
Laptops are being superseded by the latest phones that are being made smaller and more powerful all the time. How governments of  various nations usually small environmentally sensitive nations have chosen online gambling as a safe and reliable  industry speaks volumes about globalization and technology coming together to create an online economy that is entertainment based.
European Union countries continue to look for adequate solutions to flagging consumer economy and is turning the valve to open for the revenue stream available through the world of online poker. First initiated by the English government back in 2005, and copied by several other E.U. nations shortly there after.  Obvious results from move to legalize online betting has proven that Europe has become the biggest online gambling market in the world, accounting for an estimated $12.5 billion of the industry’s $29.3 billion total revenue this year.
According to the Director of pubic affairs for the European division at Betfair, Mr. Tim "The gambling business is one of Europe’s real success stories online. This is a business in which Europe leads the world."
The recent French entry into the online gambling jurisdiction list has made other countries such as Switzerland, Germany, and Spain have second thoughts on delaying their resolves to reduce their deficits. The governments of Europe are making the best of the new electronic economy and who's to blame them for that?

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