China Starts It's Internet Gaming Restrictions Program

Published Sunday, August 01, 2010 -

August first 2010 is another historical day in the evolution of the ever changing world wide web. The internet has grown in vast proportions over the last two decades or so and there is nothing that really compares with it's spreading of various influences good and bad all over the planet. This day is the beginning of China's newest attempt to regulate what it's citizens can do and see on the internet. Claiming that the new laws introduced August  first are necessary to protect their children of the country from 'unwholesome content and Internet addiction'.
The news in China and abroad says that the law is specific in that it states that online games targeting minors are to be free of content that can lead to the imitation of behaviour that violates social morals and the law.
Real names are to registered online for the players with age verification and time limitations on play. Online games that are morally suspect are to be banned by the new laws, including of course casinos games and card games are unacceptable past times by government standards. This kind of government crack down can only mean that the authorities are threatened and maybe the 420 million people that are online in China are enjoying themselves too much.
The market value of the online gambling industry in China was estimated to be almost $3.8 billion in 2009 that's a huge chunk of change going around without the tax people in China getting a piece of the action. The measures were drafted by the Ministry of Culture back in June and also requires a minimum registered capital of 10 million yuan $1.48 million for online gaming companies to receive a license. The recent banning of the use of virtual currencies has caused a big slow down in money wagered by Chinese youth.
Zhao Xufeng, a gaming analyst in Shanghai with IT consulting firm iResearch, said about the ID requirement, that he did not think the real-name policy would keep children off the Web even though teenagers do not usually get their ID cards until after age 16.These restrictions are only going to last so long, just until the hackers figure a way around it.






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